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Valley of Love

Leprosy.  The word itself is embedded with history, evoking unspeakable emotions.  Fear.  Uncertainty.  Uncleanliness.  The stigma attached to it almost unbreakable.  Or so we may think. We may often forget that it was not their choice.  No one wants to … Continue reading

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God Speaks Telugu

On Sunday I attended my first church service here.  I can honestly say that it was unlike anything I have experienced before.  We all sat on the floor for one thing.  Men on one side and women on the other. … Continue reading

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Back to Our Roots

I felt a little closer to our nursing roots today, by experiencing something that I thought was long outdated.  I helped cut, fold, and roll our own bandages today with scissors that Florence herself probably used.  After this somewhat aggravating experience, because … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Life

Even better than being forced to watch the video (which, being home schooled I didn’t have that, let’s say, privilege), I actually got to witness this today.  It was a C-section, but still incredible.  After doing an epidural, and scrubbing … Continue reading

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Operation Theatre

“So you want to study theatre?”  Those words used to have a very different meaning to me, but here they just mean the operating theatre, AKA, the OR.  Talk about a different experience. Here are just a few of the … Continue reading

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Day 1 – the arrival

When I left NYC, the 55 degree, overcast, and rainy weather resembled London more than the Big Apple.  As the 747 taxied down the runway my stomach was in knots.  There was that fleeting moment when I wondered if this … Continue reading

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To the city that never sleeps

New York…the city that you either love or hate.  It is captivating, full of color, and culture.  Fashionable, and fast paced.  There is rarely a dull, and quiet, moment to be found. There is something in the New York air … Continue reading

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